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 best Islamic quotes in Urdu 


In the vast realm of inspirational and profound wisdom, the beauty of Islamic quotes in Urdu shines brightly, offering guidance, solace, and enlightenment to countless individuals. At quotesbook, we recognize the significance of these timeless expressions that encapsulate the essence of Islamic teachings. Join us on a journey through the rich tapestry of best Islamic quotes in Urdu, transcending cultural and linguistic boundaries.

1. "محبت تو وہ انسوں میں تھی جو ہمارے نبی نے ہمارے لئے 1400 سال پہلے بہائیے" 

" Love was in humans Which our Prophet shed for us 1400 years ago"

2. " اظہارِ عشق سے تو خدا بھی نہ رہ سکا تعریف حسن محمد میں سارا قرآن لکھ دیا"

"Even God could not live with the expression of love

 Hasan Muhammad wrote the entire Quran in praise"

3. "جو کرتا ہے اللہ کرتا ہے اور اللہ جو کرتا ہے بہتر کرتا ہے" 

"Allah does what He does, and what Allah does He makes better"

4. "کسی کی غلطی کو بے نقاب نہ کرو خدا بیٹھا ہے تم حساب نہ کرو" 

"Do not expose anyone's fault God is sitting do not calculate"

5. "تم کسی کا کچھ مت بگاڑو اللہ تمہارا کچھ بگڑنے نہیں دے گا" 

"Do not spoil anything for anyone, Allah will not let anything spoil for you"

6.کسی کو اچھے عمل سے دلی خوشی دینا ہزار سجدے کرنے سے بہتر ہے۔" 

"Giving someone hearty happiness by doing a good deed is better than performing a thousand prostrations."



In an information-rich society, the appeal of the finest Islamic quotations in Urdu stems from their everlasting relevance and wisdom. Quotes Book.online welcomes you to journey through the hallways of spiritual enlightenment, guided by the deep truths captured in these lyrical statements. Join our group and go on a path of self-discovery, compassion, and enlightenment.
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    5+ best Islamic quotes in Urdu with image & text

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